Wing Wah Asian Cuisine

Hello! We are an experienced Asian and Chinese restaurant, with a staff worth decades of experience. From dim sum, Canadian-Chinese food, to Indian Hakka food, we have it all. Order now to try our fresh flavours!

Our Menu

We have many different dishes to choose from! We can introduce you to the flavours of southern Chinese delicacies, as well as reinvigorate your love for the classic Canadian-Chinese dishes that you love. We also provide Indian Hakka dishes, for a fusion of flavours. We pride our menu on its ability to cater towards all tastes. At Wing Wah, we believe in our fresh ingredients and bold flavours!

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About Us

This is the fifth restaurant owned by Wing and Alex Leung, the married couple from Hong Kong has been opening restaurants in London since 2006. We are experts in Asian cuisine and will please your taste buds and are looking to make you fall in love with Asian cuisine every time you dine with us!

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Opening Hours

Wed – Mon:                      11 am – 9 pm
Tues:                                                  Closed